Submissions are prepared on behalf of and in consultation with members and are aimed at driving change to legislation and State and Commonwealth policy.

  • 03.08.20

Submission: Aged care financing

This submission intends to support the Royal Commission to consider the diverse needs of consumers and public sector providers as it develops and undertakes further modelling on the final recommendations on the financing of the aged care system to government.

  • 27.07.20

Submission: Adult Mental Health Centres

The VHA broadly welcomes the proposed service models for the Adult Mental Health Centres, including a focus on reducing mental health demand on local hospital Emergency Departments, the development of a ‘no wrong door’ approach for users to access and be referred to care, as well as the recognition of the need for a holistic approach to care. These are important elements that will enable these Centres to have an impact on the current mental health landscape. However, there are missing aspects to this service model which should be added to ensure that the trial of the Centres is successful and delivers positive outcomes for local communities and users.

  • 03.07.20

Submission: Aged Care Worker Regulation Scheme Consultation

The VHA has made a submission to the Aged Care Worker Regulation Scheme Consultation. With Victorian public aged care providers already operating in a stressed workforce environment, some proposals explored in this consultation have the potential to add further strain to the situation. The VHA supports the introduction of a screening and/or register process to increase consumer and public confidence in the aged care workforce and suggests concurrent initiatives to support the implementation of a screening and registration scheme, acknowledging this approach would place additional burden on staff and providers.

  • 03.07.20

Submission: Long Service Benefits Portability Regulations 2020

The VHA and its members support the extension of long service leave (LSL) portability to workers who have not had access to this entitlement, such as cleaners and security workers. However, the VHA continues to oppose the inclusion of community health centres in the scheme on the basis that community health centres already provide portability and a higher rate of leave entitlements to their employees. In addition, the cost of compliance for community health centres will be greater than other sectors due to the unprecedented processing of dual LSL entitlements.

  • 16.03.20

Submission: Response to Counsel Assisting’s recommendations on residential aged care workforce

The VHA has made a submission to the Royal Commission to support their inquiry into: ‘what the Australian government can do to strengthen the system of aged care services to ensure that the services provided are of high quality and safe and ensure that aged care services are person-centred.’ The submission to support the Counsel Assisting’s recommendations on residential aged care workforce provides a response across two key areas including mandatory minimum staffing requirements and funding for increased staff levels and reporting.

  • 16.03.20

Submission: National Medical Workforce Strategy

The VHA represented Victorian public sector health services and community health services at a stakeholder consultation forum in Melbourne aimed at testing and refining the current set of drafted potential solutions for the National Medical Workforce Strategy. The VHA also made a written submission to the Department of Health to ensure the proposed solutions benefit and support the needs of health services and community health services across the state and do not result in any unintended consequences, particularly for regional and rural services.

  • 17.02.20

Submission: Dementia, Ageing and Aged Care Mission Roadmap

The VHA has made a submission on the Mission Roadmap as the Federal Government seeks to prioritise funding for critical dementia and aged care research that aims to support older Australians to maintain their health and quality of life as they age, live independently for longer and access quality care when they need.

  • 07.02.20

Submission: State Budget 2020-21

While the VHA is calling on the Victorian Government to provide an immediate ‘band aid’ of funding to enable the system to function effectively in the short-term, few would agree that continuous increases in funding is sustainable nor would many agree that injections of funds is appropriate without fundamental shifts in the way care is delivered. The VHA calls on the government to fund new approaches now, focused on wellness and a holistic view of a person, to relieve pressure and better plan for demand of the future.

  • 03.02.20

Submission: Joint submission to the Productivity Commission draft report into mental health

The VHA and Mental Health Victoria have collaborated on a submission to the Productivity Commission’s draft report on Australia’s mental health system. The submission covers the breadth of the mental health system, and the other parts of the public health and social service systems that it commonly interacts with.

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