Rural Regional Roundtable group

The Victorian public healthcare system continues to combat significant system pressures with workforce challenges, the need for long-term infrastructure planning, ongoing system reforms and increased service demands.

Over the past 18 months these pressures have been compounded by the pandemic, adding to the significant challenges experienced by the system. These challenges require collective action, investment and advocacy.

Featuring a lineup of expert guest speakers, the Rural Regional Roundtable (RRR) virtual roundtable series aims to support rural and regional hospitals’ immediate and long-term preparedness and resilience.

The RRR will focus on key system pressures including:

  • workforce
  • health infrastructure
  • sector coordination and communication
  • surge capacity and system resilience.


The first roundtable (9.30–11.30am, Wednesday 13 October) will focus on health system preparedness, as we transition to Phase B of the National COVID-19 Response Plan.

Guest speaker Chris Hotham, Deputy Secretary, Health Infrastructure, Department of Health will also join the discussion.

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For more information on the Rural Regional Roundtable group, contact us:

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