High-Risk Accommodation Response group

The High-Risk Accommodation Response (HRAR) program aims to prevent, prepare for, and respond early to coronavirus (COVID-19) infection within public housing and other high-risk accommodation settings with shared facilities.

The service model works to ensure appropriate public health measures to protect the health and wellbeing of residents, as well as adequate, culturally appropriate and accessible service supports (including health and social services, food and essential supplies) and community engagement strategies, are in place.


Who’s involved?

Currently 25 community health services are HRAR Lead Providers, delivering place-based outreach health and social care to people living in settings associated with an increased risk of COVID-19 transmission. These settings include (but are not limited to) publicly and privately owned high-rise accommodation, rooming houses, backpacker hostels, supported residential services, student accommodation and caravan parks. All typically have facilities shared by residents.

HRAR Lead Providers:

  • identify and risk-rate facilities
  • provide COVID-19 prevention and preparedness advice and resources to residents and proprietors
  • lay the foundations for any future required outbreak response.



The Victorian Budget 2021-22 extended funding to Lead Providers for the HRAR program until the end of December 2021. Similarly, the VHA received an extension of its funding to enable continuation of the Community of Practice meetings and supports it offers to Lead Providers.


For more information, contact us: 03 9094 7777 or email vha@vha.org.au