Tri-Peaks Webinars

The COVID-19 situation has resulted in some changes to the Tri-Peaks workplan, with our first major activity becoming the delivery of a series of free webinars for practitioners, managers and Board members across our sectors, many with a focus on COVID-19 challenges. Further opportunities for collaboration and professional development are planned for later in the year.


Topic Description Presenter Date
Global perspectives: Financial viability for the NGO sector during COVID-19

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Business continuity, Financial management during a crisis, Government stimulus, Financial checklist Cameron Bird, Partner, EY 15 April 2020
Global perspectives and practical strategies: Human services workforces through COVID-19

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Slides: Human services workforces through COVID-19

Government & NGO Impacts due to COVID-19.

Experience of human services workforce.

Workforce essential.

Sonia Sharp, Partner EY 17 April 2020


Tools for working remotely and privacy Implications

EY Tools for Working Remotely & Privacy Implications

Slides: Working remotely – a practical guide

Tools for remotely working.

Managing teams remotely

Sonia Sharp, Partner EY 20 April 2020
Evaluating the NFP Board

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Slides: Evaluating the NFP Board – takeaway messages

What is Board evaluation, how can you do it, and what are the outcomes? Jo-Anne Morfoot, VHA

Fi Mercer, Governance Evaluator

Gayle Boschert, Child & Family Services, Ballarat

23 April 2020
The impact of COVID-19 for separated parents and their children

Slides: The impact of COVID-19 for separated parents and children

Managing parenting arrangements during the COVID-19 crisis – issues and solutions for separated parents Cath Tregills, Executive Manager & Marney Bowden, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Relationship Matters 5 May 2020
Governance in not-for-profits during COVID-19

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Slides: Governance in in Not-for-Profits during COVID-19

Board director duties, liability and safe harbour provisions.

Online privacy and data security.

Duty of care for staff during COVID-19.

Dean Katz, Partner Cornwalls Lawyers 14 May 2020


Victoria’s new workplace manslaughter laws

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How can organisations prepare for changes to the OH&S Act 2004 (Vic) coming into effect on 1 July? Steve Bell, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills 27 May 2020


What should be different in the new normal post-pandemic?

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The entire Australian health system has changed rapidly in the last 6 months due to COVID-19 disruption, forcing changes that have been advocated for, for decades. What is the future for our health systems, and the AOD sector in particular? Dr Stephen Duckett, Health Program Director, Grattan Institute

Prof Nadine Ezard, Clinical Director, National Centre for Clinical Research on Emerging Drugs


28 May 2020


Four keys to an effective Board

Slides: Four keys to an effective Board


Developing a skills matrix for your board.

Clarifying the commitment required to be a board member at your organisation.

Why alignment and diversity of board members is vital.

Helga Svendsen, Facilitator and Coach, Board member of the Royal Women’s Hospital


2 June 2020


The financial future beyond COVID-19: why financial education matters for employers and employees This webinar covered:

  • Data-led insights on the links between the financial wellbeing of employees and productivity.
  • Financial support options available to employees due to COVID-19.
  • How super is invested and the impacts of COVID-19.
    What you need to be thinking about now to secure your financial future.
Prashant Iyer and Julianne Coleman, First State Super


17 June 2020


From response to recovery: the waves of COVID-19 impact on Victoria’s health and community services


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Password: 1T?=$K05

This webinar considered:

  • What Australia’s possible pathways to recovery from COVID-19 look like for health and community services
  • The multiple ‘waves’ of service disruptions that the COVID-19 will cause
  • How other organisations are preparing for the long-term journey to recovery.
Tom Craven and Rob Camm, Cube Group


30 June 2020


Pregnancy and methamphetamine: issues, challenges and opportunities

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This webinar discussed:

  • Current evidence
  • Health impacts
  • Effective service delivery and models of care
Assoc Prof Yvonne Bonomo, Dr Anna Tottman, Julie Blandthorn – Royal Women’s Hospital Melbourne 21 July 2020


Risk management fundamentals for health and community services

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This webinar covers:

  • Key risk management concepts
  • Risk management frameworks and governance
  • Using risk management to make informed decisions related to strategic risks and risk register development.
John Belfrage and Cat Strawa
Risk Advisers
20 August 2020