Applying hybrid working models to board meetings

This time of year, as health boards look to finalise their meeting calendars for 2022. board chairs are likely to considering when to go face to face, virtual or hybrid.

In September 2020, board members from health and community services came together to share tips on virtual governance, and to explore the lasting potential of virtual board meetings and importance of adapting good governance principles for a virtual environment. While it was acknowledged building and maintaining informal relationships is difficult in a virtual environment, members were provided with some inspired and informed guidance from experienced board member Susan Pascoe AM.

Susan cited increased independence, board diversity, brevity, and focused agendas as examples of the ways the virtual approach contributed to an effective and enhanced governance regime.

The VHA has now created a resource sheet which outlines considerations when planning your board meeting schedule, including benefits and challenges, tips, and good principles for both virtual and hybrid meetings.


Access the ‘Applying hybrid working models to board meetings’ resource