The VHA is working with subject matter experts to deliver topical and timely information on issues that matter to health board directors and other senior leaders in health.


Who should attend?

The series has been developed to support busy health board directors and executives with practical information and resources on sector-critical topics.


What topics will be covered?

A monthly calendar of events will cover a range of topics, including:


Plus, more to come in 2022!

Session details are below.

Additional sessions may be added to support directors and executives with time-critical information and policies as they arise.


How do I access the sessions?

Each lunch and learn session is available live and on-demand – and supported by a range of tools and resources – to meet the varying needs of directors’ availability and learning styles.

Join live to get the benefits of real-time engagement with our speakers and your colleagues during the one-hour session. Participants will also have access to the webinar resource kit.

If you can’t attend on the day, or would like to access a past event, register for ‘On-demand’ access to the webinar recording and resource kit.

  • Member registration: $35 per person
  • Non-member registration: $45 per person
  • On-demand: $20 per person


Session details

Successful induction of new board members

Appointing a new director is an important step in refreshing the board and ensuring an appropriate mix of skills, expertise, and experience around the board table. However, most boards are time pressed with critical discussions and decisions that must take place in the limited time available for board meetings.

In this session, Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance’s Jo-Anne Moorfoot took directors through the essential elements of a good induction program to ensure new directors are clear on their governance role, the processes of the board as well as the business of the organisation.

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Applying the recommendations of VAGO’s Clinical governance: Health services report

12-1pm, Wednesday 15 September

This session covers the key domains of the clinical governance framework and their application to health settings, in the context of the recent VAGO report ‘Clinical Governance: Health Services’.

Join the Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance’s Jo-Anne Moorfoot and guest panellists Nathan Farrow (A/Director Centre for Patient Safety and Experience, Safer Care Victoria) and Sally Martin (Director Quality, Improvement and Patient Experience, the Royal Melbourne Hospital and NorthWestern Mental Health) as they take a closer look at VAGO’s recommendations to the audited health services and how they can be applied to all health services.

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Board evaluation

12-1pm, Wednesday 13 October

An effective, engaged board is a sign of a well-functioning organisation. However, even the highest performing organisations need a periodic health check. The Department of Health requires that health boards should self-assess their performance every year, with an external review conducted every three years.

The VHA and the Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance have partnered with Governance Evaluator to ensure the highest quality support for health Boards to build strong governance. In this session, Governance Evaluator’s CEO and Founder Fi Mercer will join in a conversation to discuss the importance of board evaluation and how the assessment process can help your board continuously improve.

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The role of a board chair

12-1pm, Wednesday 17 November

The board chair plays a significant leadership role in governance of the board and organisation. This role is more than just ensuring an effective meeting and extends well past the meeting function.

In this session, attendees will learn about the critical role of the board chair inside the board meeting and beyond.

Attendees will consider both the practical role chairs need to undertake as well as the personal characteristics expected to perform as an effective chair and the specific requirements of health sector.

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