Victorian Election: VHA policy updates

September 18, 2018

In the run up to the Victorian Election on Saturday 24 November, the VHA will provide updates on the latest policy announcements as parties share their vision for health.

The VHA will compare announcements to the VHA’s 2018 Victorian Election Positions and assist policy watchers to understand how they will impact on the health system.

A full list of health policies will be published before the election.

In today’s update – the VHA has identified a number of recent announcements and how they may impact members and the health sector.

Re-development of Frankston Hospital

On Monday 10 September, the Labor Party announced thatif elected, they would undertake a $562m expansion of Frankston Hospital.

The VHA welcomes this announcement, and is positive news for Peninsula Health, however we urge all parties to develop a transparent and needs based strategy to guide investment.

This expansion should benefit the hospital system more widely by increasing capacity, as well as benefiting more local services.

State-wide health workforce strategy

On Sunday 9 September, the Liberal Party announced that if they are elected, they would introduce a state-wide health workforce strategy.

The strategy will be developed by a taskforce that will be immediately convened and include health and community health services, colleges, professional associations and training organisations, unions and peak groups to develop and help deliver the plan.

This announcement would impact all members and the VHA will advocate that all interested services have a chance to contribute. The strategy was included in the VHA’s 2018 Victorian Election Positions.

Stand with Community Health        

At the recent VHA Annual Conference, both the The Greens Party and the Reason Party set out their support for the VHA’s ‘Stand with Community Health’ campaign and its six policy outcomes.

The Greens Party and Reason Party have committed to:

  • leverage Growth Area Infrastructure Contribution funding to establish new community health centres, run by existing community health services
  • ensure Victoria’s 29 registered community health services receive preferred supplier status from the Victorian Government for provision of services to vulnerable communities
  • help establish a dedicated community health service capital fund to ensure existing facilities can adequately support growth and continue to meet the needs of the community
  • deliver additional funding to enable community health services to keep pace with demand brought about by population growth and to provide a stronger health safety net for vulnerable Victorians, to help keep them healthy and out of public hospital emergency departments
  • ensure we invest to fund pilot hospital diversion projects, including supporting partnerships between hospitals and community health services so people receive the right care in the right place
  • increase public dental funding to reduce wait time and ensure more people receive dental care in a timely manner, reducing the potential impacts on other areas of their health.

This pledge will ensure that registered community health services can be properly leveraged to support the wider health system, which should benefit services across Victoria. More information on the campaign and its policy outcomes is available here.

For more information on election policies, please contact the VHA Policy team on 9094 7777.