VHA partners with OnePassport to streamline HR processes

June 25, 2020

The VHA has signed a three-year partnership with OnePassport which gives members access to a group discount on their software to streamline HR processes.

OnePassport helps organisations in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, reduce the administrative burden of HR compliance, improve onboarding turnaround times and establish line of sight across the workforce.

Unlike Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), OnePassport connects individuals to their organisation through interactive validation, allowing sharing of data directly into the employer held HR record. Individuals can also connect to multiple organisations at once. This allows clinicians to work across multiple organisations; meeting care needs quickly whilst maintaining compliance. It also enables the rapid collection and maintenance of new employee data necessitated by external changes and new requirements for immunisation data.

The service is particularly relevant for services who experience workforce fluctuations, use temporary staff or rely on a flexible workforce to meet service requirements.

VHA members benefit from a negotiated group discount. As an innovative, responsive and agile organisation, OnePassport has also committed to working with the VHA to evolve and develop the system as the health sector evolves.

Visit OnePassport to find out about the range of support options available to meet an individual service needs and budgets.

For more information about OnePassport please contact Amanda Edwards, MHSM, GAICD, PGDAN (Mid, Emerg), RN, RM via 0408 554 823 or amandae@onepassport.co