VHA collaborates with Mental Health Victoria to submit to Productivity Commission

February 5, 2020

With mental health reform a core focus for 2020, the VHA and Mental Health Victoria have collaborated to provide the Productivity Commission with a joint sector response to its draft report on Australia’s mental health system.

The Productivity Commission, through a lens of participation and contribution, is examining how people with or at risk of mental ill-health can be enabled to reach the potential in life, have purpose and meaning, and contribute to the lives of others.

The joint submission, which features significant input from VHA members, touches on three key proposals put by the Productivity Commission: that a new series of regional commissioning bodies be established to manage the funding and commissioning of mental health services, using pooled resources from both the Commonwealth and State and Territory Governments; that the activity-based funding model used in public hospitals be expanded to apply to community mental health services; and that the National Mental Health Commission have an expanded role in the oversight and planning of mental health services. The other major area of focus is a recommendation to introduce a new National Mental Health Workforce Strategy, which is essential if we are to meet the booming demand for services and ensure area and community mental health services can deliver contemporary models of care.

The Productivity Commission will review public responses to its draft report, and will publish its final report and recommendations by 23 May 2020. Members will be updated and provided with a comprehensive summary of the final report, following its publication.

The VHA and MHV’s joint submission can be accessed here, while a summary of the Productivity Commission’s draft report, published by the VHA, is available here.