Update on the Community Health – Health Promotion program and guidelines

August 10, 2021

Thank you again to all our members from community health and small rural services that attended our consultation on the Community Health – Health Promotion Draft Guidelines 2021-2025 on 14 July.

The summary report of feedback from our state-wide forum was sent to participants and the Department of Health for consideration on 29 July.

Many forum attendees expressed interest in the development of a state-wide health promotion network, and we are scoping the best way to progress this. Please get in touch by emailing vha@vha.org.au if you were unable to attend the forum but are interested in participating in the network. We will provide more information about the network as this work progresses.


Program updates

From 1 August 2021 the responsibility for engagement with agencies funded for the program formally transitioned to the Department of Health.

The department is aiming to finalise the guidelines by December 2021. In the interim, the department will establish a working group with sector representatives to support refinement of the guidelines and associated measures for reporting.

Advice from the department is that plans for 2021-22 will continue to be required by 29 October 2021. They may subsequently be reviewed and updated for 2022-23 (and subsequent years) as part of the usual annual planning process to align with the program guidelines once finalised.

We understand that some organisations and partnerships are well advanced with selection of priorities and planning for 2021-25. Advice from the department is that there is no need for funded agencies to shift their approach at this time. The department will continue to refine the guidelines with input from the sector.