Supporting inclusive employment within health

May 14, 2020

Building on successful inclusive employment initiatives within the health sector, the VHA has been engaged by DHHS to help develop a sector-wide approach and support members in this important area.

The VHA will work with professionals in human resources, people and culture, workforce planning and workplace inclusion within member organisations over the coming months to better understand current employment initiatives and programs within health for people with disability and other disadvantaged cohorts. The aim is to develop a business model for enhancing economic empowerment of people with disability though a supported participation program in the public health sector.

The team will explore a range of initiatives including the Victorian Employer Enablement Project (VEEP), launched in 2018 to help employers reap the rewards of a more diverse workforce including people with disability. The VHA will follow up with participants from Barwon Health, BUPA and the Royal Children’s Hospital to understand how this program made it easier for people with disability to work in their organisations.

The VHA has already spoken with Barwon Health’s Kristina Dishon about the success of the program and shared some of the organisation’s lessons via the VHA videos showcasing Disability Action Plans in Action last year.

The first stage of the needs assessment will be an online survey of VHA member hospitals and community health services in early June to identify the inclusive employment and workforce needs of the sector. The survey will also gauge the potential for job sourcing and placement options for people with disabilities in the Victorian public health sector.

Survey findings will be explored in more detail with an online focus group and a selection of phone interviews with interested VHA members.

The needs analysis will be completed by the end of July and is expected to provide useful baseline information, determine workforce needs and employee prerequisites, and identify practical opportunities for enhancing inclusive employment in the future.