Star Health GM appointed to national primary care committee

July 25, 2019

Kent Burgess, General Manager Healthy Communities, at VHA member organisation Star Health has been appointed to the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, Primary Care Committee.

The VHA recently nominated Kent to be considered for a role on the committee, which plays a vital role in facilitating the Commission’s engagement with the primary healthcare sector and in informing the Commission’s ongoing and future work in delivering improvements in primary healthcare safety and quality.

Kent joins representatives from provider groups from across allied health, general practice, pharmacy and dental as well as Aboriginal and government organisations to provide leadership to the Commission to implement effective communication mechanisms between health system sectors, input and advise on policy development and primary health sector engagement and inform on key safety and quality issues affecting the primary health sector’s performance.

Kent has a history of leading programs as well as quality and accreditation initiatives in the community health sector. He also has a keen interest in consumer and community participation in quality and service development.

In this committee position, Kent represents VHA members and can be contacted with opportunities and issues by email here or phone 0417 417346.