Primary Care Partnership functions to transfer to Local Public Health Units

October 19, 2021

Primary Care Partnerships (PCPs) will transition into Local Public Health Units (LPHUs) by 1 April 2022.

The Department of Health has assured the sector it will use a co-design process for PCP transition planning. The department will engage VicPCP in the co-design process, which will include the development of transition plans that ensure no involuntary job losses (PCP Program-funded positions), management of projects that are currently in progress, and full reinvestment of program funding.

The co-design process will also identify high-value PCP functions to be retained and strengthened, and processes to retain and refresh local partnerships, including alliances with Aboriginal organisations and communities.

VicPCP has been funded by the department to provide change management and support services to PCPs and their staff.

About the review

The Department engaged KPMG in 2020 to review the PCP Program to ensure Victoria’s health system is best placed to meet current and future community needs. The decision to transition PCP functions into the LPHUs is consistent with option four of the review’s recommendations.

More information about the review and recommendations is available on the Health website:

About LPHUs

Victoria’s Local Public Health Units were established in 2020 to support the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are nine LPHUs across Victoria, led by health services that partner with other health services, community health services, general practitioners and community partners in the region.

LPHUs were initially established to deliver COVID-19 response activities such as case, contact and outbreak management, testing, and vaccination. As Victoria transitions to ‘COVID normal’, LPHUs may take on a broader range of public health functions. This may include health promotion and prevention activity, managing the health impacts of environmental factors and actions to protect the community from the spread of other communicable diseases.