Peter Doherty to explore COVID-19 and the future of healthcare

September 2, 2020

Together with the VHA’s innovation partner One Passport, we are hosting a virtual conversation on Tuesday 22 September, 10am-11am with Australia’s renowned immunology expert Peter Doherty.

The conversation will be followed by a masterclass from 11am-12noon.

During this webinar Professor Doherty, who is the patron of the Doherty Institute and a Nobel laureate, will share his thoughts on COVID-19, vaccine progress locally and abroad, and the implications for our healthcare system.

This interactive webinar will provide attendees with an opportunity to ask questions and participate in this important discussion, as well as explore Professor Doherty’s views on how this pandemic could change healthcare.

Infection control forever changed by pandemic

One area of the health system which will be forever changed by the pandemic is infection control, particularly immunisation/vaccination records. Since 2010, health services have been required to maintain an immunisation/vaccination register. The pandemic has highlighted the inefficiencies of various processes and an overreliance on manual workarounds including lists and data management activities that put a strain on HR systems.

From an administrative perspective, the action required to ensure compliance and management of workforce data, reporting and tracking information as it relates to employee immunisation/vaccination history is of increasing concern.

The event will include a brief overview of One Passport’s Immunisation Register specifically designed to help health services manage, monitor and report workforce immunisation data. The tool reduces the burden for organisations and the automation of time intensive administrative processes has flow on effects to point of care resources.

Masterclass for infection control managers and leaders

Following this discussion, infection control managers and leaders are invited to participate in a virtual masterclass hosted by Amanda Edwards (One Passport). She will share some best practice examples and tips for managing in this ever changing and high risk environment.

There will also be an opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues and hear how they’re responding to the evolving requirements and competing demands. As well as discussing these issues and challenges, the session will explore what it takes to fulfill these obligations both now and into the future.