• 22.05.19

Victorian Government Budget Submission 2019-20

The VHA on behalf of its members has prepared a submission into the Victorian Government Budget 2019-20 budget process. Read More
  • 22.05.19

Artificial intelligence: healthcare’s new nervous system

Growth opportunities are hard to come by without significant investment, but artificial intelligence is a self-running engine for growth in healthcare. According to Accenture analysis, when combined, key clinical health AI applications can potentially create $150 billion in annual savings for the US healthcare economy by 2026. Read more hereRead More
  • 18.05.19

Health policies positive leading into the federal election

Health has seen some big, but very specific commitments and what we’ve seen from all the major parties is a lack of system approach.Read More
  • 15.05.19

NDIS transition webinars for health services

The ‘Catalyst for Change’ webinar series is designed to support staff working for Victorian healthcare organisations involved in the transition to NDIS. Read More
  • 14.05.19 ACHG

VHA and ACHG Governance Conference

The 2019 VHA and the Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance was held on 3 May.Read More
  • 02.05.19

Voluntary assisted dying model of care video launched

The VHA has produced a video as part of the development of resources for the voluntary assisted dying model of care. Read More
  • 19.03.19 ACHG

Royal Commission into the banking, superannuation & financial services industry: Implications

The Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance has provided a briefing for the health sector on the outcomes of the Royal Commission into the banking, superannuation and financial services industry.Read More
  • 18.02.19

Standard seven: the new Aged Care Quality Standards

Standard seven of the new Aged Care Quality Standards focuses on workforce planning.Read More
  • 07.02.19

Aged Care Royal Commission direction hearing

The direction hearing for the Aged Care Royal Commission was held in Adelaide on 18 January. The terms of reference were reiterated, including that it covers residential and community care contexts and highlighting a number of issues .Read More
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