Meet the team – Genevieve Breare

June 2, 2022

Working at the VHA as Business Support Officer alongside undertaking a Master of Forensic Behavioural Science, Genevieve enjoys helping to facilitate the education and support of our members.


Tell members a bit about your background – where have your studies/career taken you and what brought you to the VHA?

I did my Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne, with a major in psychology, and then veered away from that path and spent a few years studying event management. I came back to psychology in 2020 when I started studying my Master of Forensic Behavioural Science at Swinburne, which I am set to finish this year. I started at the VHA initially as a temporary hire to take on some admin duties, but I really enjoyed the nature of the work as well as the really lovely and supportive culture within the staff, so when the opportunity came to stay with the VHA I jumped at it.


What are some things you’re working on at the moment and what most excites you about these projects?

I always enjoy working with ongoing the events and professional development offerings the VHA hosts, particularly the Rural Regional Roundtable, Prevention and Health Promotion Network, and the Health Board Essentials courses. I think those offerings are really valuable to our members, and I’m glad I can use my event management education to assist in facilitating those events, even if I’m not an expert in any of the topics explored!


What do you enjoy about working in the public health space?

I never expected to work in this space, but after the last few years of chaos and stress I feel really grateful that I can make a contribution to facilitating the education and support of our members while the world attempts to establish a sense of normalcy. I’ve learned a lot about the sector in the six months I’ve worked at the VHA, and I look forward to understanding our members better, as well as building on my own skills to help wherever I can.