Inform the development of Victoria’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Record

February 17, 2022

In conjunction with the Digital Health Branch of the Victorian Department of Health, the VHA is seeking expressions of interest from public mental health and wellbeing service representatives to engage in system-requirements gathering to inform requirements for a new state-wide electronic Mental Health and Wellbeing Record.

The new record will interoperate with hospital-led designated mental health services that have electronic medical records, and so avoid duplication of data entry and resources. For community mental health and wellbeing services (some of which use paper and fax to share mental health information), using the record will bring their mental health service digitisation to a level comparable to that in hospitals and primary healthcare.

We invite interested public mental health and wellbeing service representatives to complete the short expression of interest form linked below and submit by 12 March 2022.



The requirements gathering will inform how to uplift digital health capabilities to:

  • provide timely access to information required to identify mental health consumers with escalating risks by sharing critical consumer information from a variety of provider mental health information systems at the point of care
  • record mental health consumer information efficiently and safely in electronic form, introducing data validation and business rules, removing the reliance on paper records, reducing double entry of information, and creating easily retrievable information
  • improve coordination of care, allowing for gaps in care plans to be more easily identified and duplication of care avoided
  • increase insights into local quality improvement initiatives and research through timely access to relevant information.


Click here to complete your expression of interest.