Cameras on: Board members share tips on virtual governance

September 30, 2020

Board members from health and community services shared in a knowledge exchange earlier this week to consider the benefits and explore the lasting potential of virtual board meetings as well as the importance of adapting good governance principles for a virtual environment.

Whilst it was acknowledged building and maintaining informal relationships is difficult in a virtual environment, members were provided with some inspired and informed guidance from experienced board member Susan Pascoe AM.

Susan is currently a board member of VHA member organisation Mercy Health, and with various international and national board experiences is comfortable in fulfilling her board duties in a virtual environment.

Susan cited increased independence, board diversity, brevity and focussed agendas as examples of the ways the virtual approach contributed to an effective and enhanced governance regime. The role of the board Chair in setting the expectations and virtual ‘etiquette’ were both considered in this thought-provoking discussion.

Following this conversation attendees shifted into breakout groups where attendees discussed, technology, protocols and systems, effective engagement and building relationships and strategic planning in a virtual environment.

VHA is collecting sector intelligence on this topic and invites your participation. To share your views and concerns, please contribute to our brief survey here.

The results of this consultation will inform a position paper and guidance tools to support boards with virtual best practices and to optimise the virtual governance environment.