Royal Commission to focus on redesign of the aged care system

February 5, 2020

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety will be holding roundtables, a workshop and a hearing on the future design of the aged care system throughout February and March, with the first workshop being held in Adelaide from 10-11 February.

In preparation for the workshops, the Royal Commission has released two research papers produced by Flinders University academics: Review of International Systems for Long Term Care of Older People and Review of Innovative Models of Aged Care.

The model set out in their paper is intended to support people to pursue and enjoy meaning and quality of life whether in their own home or a residential service.

NARI to undertake national survey

The Royal Commission has also funded a national survey on quality of care for residents to be undertaken by NARI. About 130 facilities have been contacted who will provide de-identified data on quality of life, feedback about care and overall satisfaction. NARI have randomly selected a number of facilities and residents that ensures they are representative of the residential aged care sector overall.

All data reported to the Royal Commission will be in group-aggregated summaries. Facility staff are not told which residents will be invited to participate in the interview.

The process has been approved by the HREC, and safeguards with respect to the provision of resident data have been put in place. Providers are being asked to assist by supporting access to residents.