A state of readiness for final report into Victoria’s mental health system

March 2, 2021

The VHA will be following the release of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System today and providing member briefings on what the recommendations mean for the sector. Follow on Twitter for realtime updates.

After two years and more than 3,200 submissions from individuals and organisations, including the VHA and many of its members, the Victorian Government will today release the final report from the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System at a special joint-sitting of Parliament.

Working together to deliver mental health reform

Over the past two years, the Mental Health Sector Forums, run by the VHA and Mental Health Victoria, have brought the sector together, alongside people with lived experience, to identify key area of potential reform across the system. Sector-wide, collaborative approaches such as this are crucial to building upon the foundation the Royal Commission provides.

The forums have also provided an opportunity to celebrate and share the changes being made across the sector and for health services to learn from each other. Key examples of the lessons shared can be found here and here.

With this strong foundation, the public healthcare sector is well positioned to deliver on the recommendations of the Royal Commission and to make changes to further support the mental health of Victorians.

A lasting legacy for the state

Many of the issues identified by the VHA in its submission to the Royal Commission, and through individual submissions by members, have already been identified in the interim report and form part of groundswell of changes occurring across the state.

The past two years have highlighted the importance of a continued focus on prevention and early intervention as well as ensuring the full breadth of the health system is part of the solution. It’s also vital that more people are getting services when and where they need them.

With the Victorian Government having already pledged to accept all of the final report’s recommendation, it is essential that implementation is conducted with, and not to, services. It is also critical that any funding for new programs or initiatives does not come at the expense of existing programs and take away from the critical work already underway across Victoria.

While the Royal Commission’s role has now ended, the hard work begins to ensure that it delivers effective change in mental healthcare and leaves a lasting legacy for the state.

As long-standing champions for the Royal Commission, the VHA will continue to work closely with the health sector to deliver ongoing improvements and support the successful implementation of the final report recommendations.