$1.3 billion announced to build ICU capacity

April 1, 2020

The Victorian Government today announced $1.3 billion in new health funding to support the provision of an additional 4,000 intensive care unit spaces.

The bulk of this announcement will be directed to $1.2 billion worth of equipment and consumables required to deliver care associated with the extra 4,000 spaces, as well as funding for personal protective equipment, including 551 million gloves, 100 million masks and 14.5 million gowns.

The announcement also includes over $65 million for capital works, with work at The Alfred, Monash and Austin Health to create another 300 new ICU beds, as well as workforce training.

The announcement has been made to secure the equipment, staff and space required to meet the expected surge in case load at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, Victoria’s public and private health services have approximately 450 fully equipped and staffed ICU beds, with 320 of those in public hospitals.

Further detail on the announcement is available here.