Governance role of directors

Becoming a director on a NFP board is a challenging and rewarding experience. The board is responsible for the overarching governance of the organisation. What are the individual responsibilities and expectations of directors? What are the personal attributes and capabilities that make a good non-executive director? Many directors join a board without really understanding the responsibility they have taken on, nor what it takes to be an effective director. Having a professional skill or qualification does not provide the necessary tools to be a board director. This session will discuss the expectations of individual directors, their responsibilities as board members and consider the key performance requirements that contribute to being an effective director.


The professional development courses have been developed by Jo-Anne Moorfoot, Executive Director, Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance and draw on upon her wealth of governance expertise, contemporary governance practices in applying health governance frameworks.


VHA Member – $249
Non-Member – $329

Course duration

1 hour

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