VHA Professional Development Courses (Finance): Victorian Health Service funding - WIES, case mix funding and maximising revenue

These two courses will provide an overview of the Victorian health acute system funding mechanisms, activity-based funding, case mix funding and detailed understanding of Weighted inlier equivalent separation (WIES) components.

During these sessions you will gain an in-depth understanding of the theory of WIES and its development. The sessions will also examine  activity including Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG) and clinical costing and how these are used to construct WIES and the funding model. These sessions will also detail why these concepts are important as they relate to the funding that a health service receives as well as a why it is  important for a health service to proactively manage its activity targets for optimal budgetary outcomes.

This course will also provide an overview of both the theory and application of WIES funding as a key determinant and driver of the overall health service budgetary position.

Session One – Detailed WIES cost and funding concept overview  (26 November  4.00pm-5.30pm) 

The first session includes an overview of the key funding concepts that contribute to the unit of measure with activity, costing and funding equation that go onto to determining funding policy.

Key concepts include: WIES, Casemix and Activity Based Funding (ABF) and these are relevant in the Victorian setting.

Session Two – Detailed WIES targets and performance overview (30 November 4.00pm-5.30pm) 

The second session will take a health service lens and provide more detail on how a health service executes the funding policy operationally. The session will focus on internal WIES targets and performance, health service budget and planning, why coding and classification are important as well as other specific metrics.

Key concepts include: Performance, funding and budget, WIES targets and conversion.

About the facilitator

This course is being facilitated by David Debono, Manager of Health Data Integrity, Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI). David has 20 years casemix experience in the Victorian health system. David’s experience includes working in the Department of Health and Human Services, Manager Clinical Costing and Manager of  Decision Support / Performance with experience in managing WIES funding and associated activity targets from the perspective of a major metropolitan health service.  David has also worked for the PwC Health Practice and operated his own consultancy DpD Consulting, where he has undertaken a range of projects in Activity Based Funding for both State and Territory Health Departments and the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA).

Who should attend?

These sessions are appropriate for Health Service board members, or incoming board members and executives from Health Services wishing to improve their working knowledge of Victorian Health service funding.