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Population Health

The health of populations is largely influenced by factors outside the health system. Despite significant advances in healthcare, rates of poor health and chronic disease continue to rise alongside socioeconomic inequalities, often clustered in communities.

To improve population health outcomes, the root causes of poor health must be identified and addressed. These may be environmental, economic, political, social, cultural and behavioural. Given the complexity of such factors, population health planning requires collaboration between all levels of government, and across sectors, industries and communities.

The VHA has developed a Population Health Toolbox to guide services through this process. Our toolbox resources below outline the steps and principles of population health planning.

The Planning Steps – the six key steps and practical considerations for implementation of population health planning. References, key reports, case studies, national and international tools are provided.

Guiding Principles – the six building blocks of the planning process. These principles are also referenced in the planning steps to demonstrate how they are applied. It may be helpful for new users to begin with the 'guiding principles' for a broader understanding.


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Policy & Publications

  • Victorian Budget Submission 2017-18

    The VHA has made a submission to the Andrews Government's 2017-18 budget process.

    07 March 2017
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  • Inquiry into End of Life Choices

    The Victorian Parliament's Legislative Council Legal and Social Issues Committee final report from the Inquiry into end of life choices was released on 9 June. 


    16 June 2016
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  • 2016-17 Commonwealth Budget Submission

    The VHA's submission to the 2016-17 Commonwealth budget provides recommendations to support and drive public healthcare.

    05 February 2016
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  • 2015-16 Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook

    VHA summary of the 2015-16 Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic Outlook.

    16 December 2015
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  • Health 2040 submission

    The VHA has submitted a response to the Victorian Government's Health 2040 discussion paper, which sought feedback to shape the future of Victoria's health sector.

    30 October 2015
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  • Inquiry into End of Life Choices

    The VHA's response to the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into End of Life Choices. In our submission, the VHA makes seven recommendations to improve end of life care for Victorians.

    01 September 2015
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  • Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan

    The VHA welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the development of the 2015-2019 Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan (the Plan)

    01 July 2015
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  • Victorian State Budget Submission 2015-16

    VHA submission to the Andrews Victorian Government's first budget process.

    12 March 2015
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  • Victorian Public Hospital Audits 2014-15
    26 February 2015
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  • Population Health Definitions
    18 March 2010
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