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State Election 2018

As we move toward a State Election in November 2018, the Victorian Healthcare Association, on behalf of its members, calls for an urgent reset and rethink of our public health system, which is under more strain and more pressure than ever before.

Click here to download the VHA’s 2018 Victorian Election positions.

2018 Election Alerts

In the run up to the Victorian Election, the VHA will provide updates on the latest policy announcements in the Victorian Election Alert as the parties share their vision for health.
The VHA will compare announcements to the VHA’s 2018 Victorian Election positions and assist policy watchers to understand how they will impact on the health system. This is to help ensure that readers are well prepared ahead of the November election and aware of all the announcements.

Click below:

Post-election analysis - 29 November

Election Alert - 23 November - final

Election Alert - 15 November - updated 19 November

Election Alert - 1 November

Election Alert - 18 October

Election Alert - 10 October

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