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Post-election analysis

Posted 29 November 2018

Following months of campaigning, on Saturday 24 November, Victoria voted for the re-election of the Andrews Labor government.

The VHA congratulates the Premier and Victorian Labor on their success and looks forward to working with the returned government on their health agenda that was a clear priority during the campaign. The VHA notes and thanks all parties for their health policies announced during the campaign period, clearly showing the essential care the health sector provides to all Victorians.

While the results are still being finalised, particularly in the upper house, it is clear that Labor will command an increased majority in the legislative assembly and are likely to have increased numbers in the legislative council.

Over the campaign, Labor unveiled an array of policies, with a particular emphasis on hospital infrastructure and workforce announcements. Some announcements, such as the community hospitals initiative, show a commitment to getting the sector to work more closely together to reduce demand on an already overburdened hospital system, a key tenet of the VHA’s 2018 Victorian Election Positions.

When the VHA launched its 2018 Victorian Election Positions earlier this year, on behalf of its members, it called for an urgent reset and rethink of our public health system, which is under more strain and more pressure than ever before.

The VHA trusts that the Victorian government will continue to focus on health over the course of the next Parliament, and is committed to working with the re-elected government on implementing and broadening their healthcare policies, with the assistance of the sector.

The VHA and its members will continue to engage the government to support a stronger health system and guarantee that Victorians are receiving the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

This final Victorian Election Alert edition, following the re-election of the Andrews Labor government, contains all the announced health policies of the incoming government. The VHA is continuing its analysis of these policies, which will form part of its future advocacy.

Click here for full post-election analysis

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