Building sector-wide capabilities

Members continued to access a range of professional development and thought leadership programs developed and delivered by the VHA. Government also engaged the organisation to develop sector-specific resources on a range of topics, including aged care.

Following the successful launch of the aged care standard resources in the previous financial year, public sector providers of aged care continued to access these online resources to support their transition to the new standards. The videos continued to be among the most popular resources on the VHA website.

The 2019 VHA Annual Conference included presentations from former police commissioner Christine Nixon who discussed the complexities of change. Other presenters explored change in terms of the future of healthcare and sustainability, providing members with practical examples to consider in their own organisations. Communication professionals from member services also participated in a communications masterclass. The focus on change foreshadowed the major changes which faced the sector in the following months.

In response to the large volume of information generated during the initial stages of the global pandemic, the VHA introduced a regular COVID-19 wrap up, which provided the healthcare sector with key information about changes required within their services. The curation of this regular update also included identifying key training and resources to support the sector in its response.

The VHA also entered into a new collaboration with the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare and the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association as part of a Tri-Peaks Project to support and promote good governance and integrated practices across these three associated sectors. Funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, the project included webinars, a literature review and a mentoring program.

The Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance (ACHG) continued to support health services across the state in reviewing their governance arrangements. The team delivered a range of governance-focused professional development courses; moving them online from March 2020.

The ACHG also worked with corporate partner Governance Evaluator to develop a unique offering for VHA members, combining the experience and governance expertise of the ACHG with the sophistication of Governance Evaluator’s online suite of tools for effective board evaluation.

A pilot CEO mentoring program was designed to support shared learning and skill development amongst CEOs of Victorian public health services. The program was an outstanding success with mentors and mentees highlighting how they have professionally benefited from the experience.

There was also a focus on promoting the Integrity Governance Framework, delivering briefings to internal and external groups. A range of projects were also initiated to develop new resources across NDIS and disability, aged care, workforce planning and mental health.

The VHA partnered with DHHS to complete a needs analysis of the health sector to improve understanding of the current approach to accessible and inclusive employment in health and the tools and resources that might be developed to assist health organisations in enhancing their inclusive employment practices especially for people with disability.

The VHA continued to promote its existing suite of training and resources through its social media channels and e-newsletter. As well as promoting its own activities, the VHA partnered with national and international organisations to share relevant resources across the sector.