Submissions are prepared on behalf of and in consultation with members and are aimed at driving change to legislation and State and Commonwealth policy.

  • 27.01.22

Stabilising the system: Federal Budget Briefing 2022-23

The VHA’s submission builds on its recent Stabilising the system white paper, which highlighted potential solutions for
how Victoria’s healthcare system can be supported to continue to deliver its pandemic response.

This submission calls for Commonwealth involvement and leadership in increasing health funding, improving
workforce availability and ensuring greater care in the community. The Commonwealth Government has a vital role to
support and augment the health response as Australia continues to navigate the pandemic.

  • 02.02.21

Submission: Commonwealth Pre-Budget 2021-22

This pre-budget submission builds on the submission made by the VHA on behalf of its members in August 2020. It reflects on how we can implement the learnings from recent challenges to recover and build resilience simultaneously within the Victorian health sector and the communities it serves.

  • 24.08.20

Submission: Commonwealth Pre-Budget 2020-21

This pre-Budget submission builds on the VHA's submission, made on behalf of its members in February 2020, to reflect the impacts of COVID-19 across key sector priority areas. This budget offers the opportunity to build on initiatives across the sector that are supporting the COVID-19 response and safeguard service delivery across the healthcare continuum.

  • 03.02.20

Submission: Commonwealth Budget 2020-21

The VHA calls on the Australian Government to offer an opportunity to create change that ensures equitable access to health and disability care for all Australians in its 2020-21 Budget.

  • 11.02.19

Submission: Commonwealth Budget 2019-20

The VHA has provided a submission to contribute to the development of the 2019-20 Commonwealth Budget.

  • 08.01.18

Submission: Commonwealth Budget 2018-19

The VHA calls on the Australian Government to ensure its 2018-19 Budget supports Australians, regardless of age, socio-economic status, ability or place of residence, to access safe, high-quality public healthcare.