NDIS Transition: Playbook For Change

The VHA Playbook for Change provides a range of activities to help employees determine and prioritise the actions they need to take in order to move the organisation from its current state to a desired future state. It is supported by a series of webinars as well as a set of case studies on organisations sharing lessons from their transition to NDIS.

‘Catalyst for Change’ webinar series

The ‘Catalyst for Change’ webinar series is designed to support Victorian healthcare organisations involved in the transition to NDIS. The webinars explore the change framework and ‘Playbook for Change for the NDIS transition’ co-created by the VHA and the Business of Health. The webinars, delivered by the author of the Playbook, Claire Edwards, provide a ‘how to’ explanation of the key ‘plays’ required to implement successful change. The webinars are available as a recording below and provide valuable support when working through the ‘Playbook for Change’.

*Ensure you are using a YouTube supported browser to view the videos i.e. Google Chrome.

Click here to watch: Webinar 1: Introducing the ‘Playbook for Change’

This webinar:
  • provides an overview of the change framework
  • explains the importance of managing change
  • provides a step-by-step guide to using the playbook
  • introduces the webinar series.

Click here to watch: Webinar 2: Setting your direction

This webinar:
  • explains the keys to understanding your current and future states
  • shows you how to set goals
  • explores how to develop effective measurements.

Click here to watch: Webinar 3: Implementing change

This webinar explores:
  • idea generation
  • evaluation and the 90-day cycle
  • behaviour change and design thinking.

Click here to watch: Webinar 4: Becoming a catalyst for change

This webinar explores:
  • how to become a catalyst for change
  • how and why effective learning is the missing link in team and organisational success.


The VHA acknowledges the Department of Health and Human Services for its support of the NDIS transition project, which includes a range of tools including the ‘Playbook for Change’.