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Equality and health in a changing climate

22 March 2022

Drawing on the United Nations International Women’s Day 2022 theme, ‘Changing Climates, Equality today for a sustainable tomorrow’, the VHA hosted an expert panel of respected women on 22 March to discuss the intersection of climate change and gender equality within the health context.

Hosted by VHA Board Chair and CEO of the Royal Women’s Hospital, Dr Sue Matthews, the online panel discussion featured:

  • Dr Debra Parkinson, Manager, Gender and Disaster Australia
  • Fiona Armstrong, Founder and Executive Director of the Climate and Health Alliance
  • Dr Angie Bone, Deputy Chief Health Officer (Environment), Victorian Department of Health.


Watch the webinar below and access related links and resources.

Equality and health in a changing climate

22 March 2022


Webinar transcript


Speaker resources

Dr Sue Matthews
Fiona Armstrong
Dr Angie Bone
Dr Debra Parkinson


Following is a list of general information and resources about gender equality, climate change, and health.

Leadership perspectives: The case for gender equality in health

10 September 2021

Developed in partnership with the Victorian Health Organisation Gender Equity Network (VHOGEN), this webinar aims to support senior leaders from health services to understand their role in supporting the success of the Gender Quality Act and how they can support their organisation to create a culture that promotes gender equality.


  • Dr Niki Vincent, Public Sector Gender Equality Commissioner.
  • Dr Sue Matthews, CEO of The Royal Women’s Hospital and VHA Board Chair.
  • Chris McLoughlin, Executive Director People and Culture at Alfred Health.


Following is a list of links to supporting resources for this session.