Disability Action Plans

By 30 June 2019, all Victorian public health services and hospitals were required have a draft disability action plan (DAP) in place. To support the sector, the VHA created range of resources including a Disability action plan template and checklist and a series of videos.

The checklist outlines a process that can be followed to develop a DAP, while the template provides information on suggested inclusions in the DAP. The template and checklist should be used in conjunction with the knowledge gained from organisation-led consultation and research, and understanding of legislation.

The videos are designed to assist Victorian public hospitals, multi-purpose services and community health services to build their capacity to support the needs of people with disability and to ensure opportunities for greater representation on governing bodies, boards and committees, and support the workforce more broadly.

Each video highlights a different aspect related to disability action plans (DAP) designed to support health services build their capacity as mainstream service providers and improve the quality of care and employment opportunities for people with disability.

Once you have watched the video, complete the associated quiz to test your knowledge.


Video 1: Understanding Disability
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Video 2: The Role Of Disability Action Plans
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Additional Reading
  • Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act
  • The Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act
  • The Victorian Equal Opportunity Act
  • The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • Office for Disability


Video 3: Creating An Inclusive Workforce
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Video 4: Disability Action Plans In Action
Chapter 2: Leading by example
Chapter 3: Listening to the community
Chapter 4: Unlocking a new pool of employees


Video 5: Take Action Today
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