Virtual strategic planning opens up a world of possibilities

November 12, 2020

Virtual strategic planning can be as effective, if not more effective, than traditional planning sessions according to senior leaders from VHA business advisory partner Grant Thornton – and it opens up a world of possibilities.

A group of strategy experts from Grant Thornton explored the principles and possibilities of strategic planning via Zoom and other online platforms this week in a session designed for healthcare board members and executive.

Key highlights from the session include:

  • Strategic plans are like catching a bus – you need a clear view of where you’re going and stops along the way to test the strategy – simple is best – John Picot, Principal – specialist in strategy, technology and organisational change
    • The strategy and transformation agendas are beginning to mesh – Kristy Fotiadis, Partner – specialist in strategy and business transformation
    • You can pretty much achieve what you do in a face to face session – you can probably achieve more. As long as you have people’s commitment and attention
    • Some tools give voice to people who might have been shy to speak

For anyone planning a virtual strategic session, the team also had some tips for success:

  • Choose your technology wisely – Zoom allows you to see people and slides
  • Minimise slides whenever possible – so you can see people
  • Plan, plan and plan again – work on the agenda and consider the right tools for different parts
  • Keep it short, no more than 2-3 hours and include short 5-10 min breaks in the middle
  • Set expectations from the outset – ‘We understand there may be some people who don’t believe this will work, but we have put a lot of time into planning for this session and ask everyone to be open to it