Victorian election 2022: Where do the parties stand on health?

October 26, 2022

The 2022 Victorian election will be held in a month’s time and it is clear that health is at the top of the agenda for all parties and candidates.

The VHA’s election policy platform sets out a recovery health agenda for the state election. Health systems around the world are updating their thinking about how they should be designed to meet current and future demands. These include making sure that the make-up of the healthcare workforce, the physical and digital infrastructure and funding models are modernised to rise to the challenge.

What the parties say about our health system policies

As well as keeping track of all the health-related election promises, the VHA sent a survey to political candidates running for office in this election, seeking their responses to our election policies on behalf of their parties. This included the major parties, crossbench, and independents.

As of 26 October 2022, we have received formal responses from the ALP, the Liberals and Nationals and the Greens and the independent candidate for Mildura, Ali Cupper.

A summary of their responses is below:

Does the party/candidate endorse the policy?
Election policy ALP Liberals and Nationals Greens Ali Cupper


Enable our workforce to deliver more care


N/A** Yes Yes Yes
Flexibility for a modern health workforce


N/A* Yes Yes** Yes
Recruit and retain healthcare workers for better care


N/A* Yes Yes Yes


Maintain our hospitals can community health facilities


N/A* Yes Yes Yes
Upgrade our physical and digital infrastructure


N/A* Yes Yes Yes
A clear and transparent infrastructure roadmap


N/A** Yes Yes Yes

Funding models

A No Gap Guarantee for Urgent Care Centres


N/A* Yes Yes Yes
Keep health funding above inflation


N/A* Yes Yes*** Yes
Funding reform to keep Victorians health and out of hospital N/A* Yes Yes Yes

*Response referred to previous commitments/action. See full response for further details.

** Response referred to previous commitments/action as well as future commitments. See full response for further details.

***Agreed to in principle, refer to full response for further details.


Based on the responses given, and the election commitments announced so far (which are covered in our policy tracker), it is clear that there is a strong foundation for the public healthcare agenda after the election on Saturday 26 November 2022.

As the voice of the Victorian public health sector, the VHA looks forward to working with the incoming government, as well as all elected members, that will comprise Victoria’s 60th Parliament post-election.


The VHA’s state election platform, related position papers and news, and our policy tracker can be found on the Agenda 2022 page.


Full survey responses