VHA submission: Residential care offline places review

December 13, 2018

The VHA has developed a submission to the Commonwealth Government providing feedback on the residential care offline places review.

With feedback gained from consultations with member organisations that deliver public sector residential aged care in Victoria, the VHA in its submission outlined five recommendations aimed at informing the development of a suitable aged care places management policy, including:

  • that the department clarify their intentions about how the aged care places management policy will function
  • that the aged care places management policy is flexible in its approach to how offline places in rural and regional areas are managed
  • that the aged care places management policy not apply a ‘one-size fits all’ approach across the sector
  • that the department further defines ‘exceptional circumstances’ and criteria used to determine in which scenarios offline beds must be relinquished and communicates this with the sector before making a final determination
  • that if the aged care places management policy does result in offline places being relinquished, these places are reallocated to like providers.

The VHA will keep members updated on this issue as it progresses.

For more information, contact Ali Georgalas, Advisor, Policy and Advocacy by email or call 9094 7715.

Click here to read the submission.