VHA brings governance expertise to members with EOFY offer

June 25, 2020

With health sector directors finding it challenging to deal with governance issues when they don’t know what issues exist, the VHA’s Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance and Governance Evaluator are expanding their partnership with a special end of financial year offer for their comprehensive board evaluation program.

The VHA has been partnering with Governance Evaluator for almost 12 months to combine the expertise of VHA Director Jo-Anne Moorfort and the functionality and data of the Governance Evaluator platform to provide a comprehensive Board evaluation program to the health sector.

Building on this partnership, the VHA and Governance Evaluator are pleased to offer members an End Of Financial Year offer to save them up to 65 per cent

The comprehensive board evaluation program helps address concerns raised by health sector directors including:

  • ‘We don’t know what we don’t know about our governance risks’
  • ‘At times directors are uncomfortable or not confident to “speak up” and therefore aren’t actively contributing?’

The partnership solution has been deigned to provide ongoing support and skills development including:

  • Governance expert guidance for identifying and effectively managing corporate and governance risks
  • Induction and development guidance and support that builds director confidence and timely engagement.

Click here for more information about assuring governance risks.

If you’re ready for a demonstration book now or call Governance Evaluator on 0488 525 460 to take advantage of this End Of Financial Year offer and save up to 65 per cent.