Updated Strategic Plan to guide the VHA in 2021

August 10, 2021

The world around us has vastly changed since 2019. In early-2020 our borders closed, many of us moved to remote working arrangements, and public health started dominating the headlines. Our best-laid plans needed to be adapted.

The same thing applies to our strategic planning. The VHA’s Strategic Plan 2019-22 was developed only two years ago, but in the pre-pandemic context. That’s why we have developed a 2021 Strategic Plan Update – to better reflect our changed environment; not just at the VHA, but for our members across the state.

The VHA’s Strategic plan 2019-22 (2021 Update) is now available online.

Our updated vision, purpose and objectives will help to guide our work with members, partners and stakeholders in the 2021 context.

Over the next year from 2021-2022, we will build on our strengths and look to future opportunities. At its core, the VHA delivers value that amplifies member impact – through leadership, sector support and sustainability.

We want to be the voice of the Victorian health and community health sector, to support and build the capacity of our members to drive system transformation. This shared purpose will help us achieve our vision: A healthcare system that meets the evolving needs of all Victorians.