‘This isn’t the last pandemic’: Doherty

September 28, 2020

Last week, Nobel Prize winner and world-renowned immunologist Peter Doherty shared his insights into the global pandemic, and the implications for the health sector, with more than 50 leaders from hospitals and community health services across Victoria.

Doherty explored the race for a vaccine and shared his informed views about the likely trajectory for an international vaccination rollout. He also provided thoughtful commentary on the pandemic health response, and the lasting impacts on the system and our nation.

Professor Doherty acknowledged the tremendous agility to which the health sector had and continues to respond to the pandemic including our world class researchers working in varied ways to contribute to the vaccine development.

He noted that this is likely not to be the last pandemic the world will face and cited Victoria’s population density and cultural diversity as adding complexity to quarantine and physical distancing requirements.

Talking about the global race for a vaccine, Peter explored the role of boosters and designer drugs, and shared his thoughts around how the pandemic will change the way in which our society views public health interventions. He believes quarantine and border control will continue to be effective pandemic responses into the future.

Peter also shared his views about how the trajectory of COVID-19 and how international collaboration had informed Victoria’s response and that knowledge sharing had enabled an adaptive approach to clinical care. He said as the pandemic has progressed globally, we have learned more about the virus and how to effectively treat it.

He cautioned against the unknown lasting impacts and reaffirmed why a strong public health response has been vital during the pandemic.

Peter also provided foresight into what roles might be considered to have mandatory vaccinations as part of their workplace arrangements, as well as what might be feasible requirement to support a resumption to international travel.

This event was delivered in partnership with VHA’s Innovation partner OnePassport, who have developed a workforce information app to support health to manage their workforce movement and credentialling information including the increasingly important critical vaccine information. Click here to learn more about the register or to obtain an overview or product demonstration.