Premier praises healthcare workers

July 23, 2020

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has once again praised the hard work and dedication of Victoria’s healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic; calling out the range of people involved in keeping healthcare organisations running.

Following the announcement of Victoria’s highest rate of daily increases to date, the Premier implored Victorians to stay at home, wear face coverings when going out, and help our healthcare workers.

As well as praising the work of the sector, the Premier also highlighted the broad range of people working alongside doctors and nurses, recognising the important role of cooks, cleaners, orderlies, technicians and many other critical roles to modern healthcare organisations.

Minister for Health Jenny Mikakos added her praise for the sector following her comments over the weekend calling out the extraordinary efforts of Victoria’s community health services, particularly those delivering support during lockdowns at public housing towers.

While healthcare workers have always been involved in responding to major events, including bushfires earlier in the year, the unique healthcare requirements of the current pandemic continue to shine a light on all aspects the healthcare system.

Various leaders have also used healthcare workers to highlight the importance of wearing masks, with the Premier telling Victorians: ‘Nurses and doctors wear masks when they’re treating you. So I don’t think it’s too much to wear one when you’re at the supermarket or on the street.’

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