Partnering to support those affected by bushfires

January 23, 2020

The VHA has recently partnered with Pinchapoo, an organisation that redistributes personal hygiene products from hotel accommodation to disadvantaged men, women and children nationally.

During the bushfire crisis, Pinchapoo is offering support to VHA members, and their communities, in fire impacted areas. Pinchapoo has already dispatched more than 27,000 single use toiletry packs to fire fighters and impacted families and is now focusing efforts on long term support, understanding that the high cost of essential personal hygiene items such as deodorants, razors and sanitary products can create even more financial hardship.

To order the personal hygiene packs, email VHA members are encouraged to share this information with local emergency services colleagues or any community group who may benefit. These packs can be delivered/collected in February.