Meet the team – Kate Linton

November 2, 2022

VHA General Manager, Finance, Kate Linton is a qualified CPA with over 30 years of commercial and not-for-profit experience, and a Master’s in Social Investment and Philanthropy. The not-for-profit sector aligns closely with Kate’s values and has provided her with the most-satisfying opportunities in leadership roles.


Tell members a bit about your background – where have your career taken you and what brought you to the VHA?

I’m an accountant and CPA by trade but have always worked in industry and have led corporate services departments. After years in the commercial world, in various customer-focused industries, I made a deliberate move into the for-purpose sector, which I believed would align better with my values. I’ve never looked back and enjoy working in this challenging sector.

I completed a Master’s in Social Investment and Philanthropy, and have worked in social enterprises, health, philanthropy, early education, child, and youth services. I enjoy what many see as the ‘boring’ stuff, but having different strengths is what makes the world go round. I really love that it isn’t just about the money – social impact is also always a consideration. As well, digital solutions and technology now allows us to deliver services in different way, if needed, to suit different client needs, and to compliment (not replace) traditional delivery methods, which is exciting too.


What are some things you’re working on at the moment and what most excites you about these projects?

I’m loving working with the great team at the VHA! Being a newbie, I’m enjoying learning about our members and the sector more. We’re looking at our processes (again, boring stuff, but I love it!). I’m very focused on my customers and their needs, so it is important to learn what these are or could be in the future so they can be supported. Making sure they have what they need is really important to me and my team.


What do you enjoy about working in the public health space?

I’ve always strongly believed that public health and education are the cornerstones of a good society and communities in general. I think this has become obvious to everyone over the last few years. If my small pocket of work can assist our members and the sector in their work, I will be very happy.