Infrastructure funding should be based on evidence, not politics

September 27, 2022

The VHA wants a public list of health infrastructure project bids, including those under consideration and the criteria for assessment, so that public hospitals and community health services can plan for the future.   

With little to no spare cash to invest in major capital projects, our public hospitals and community health services rely heavily on governments to fund infrastructure. However, it’s unclear how the State Government assesses bids from health services and the needs of their communities before making funding decisions. During an election campaign, it is also unclear how other political parties decide what health infrastructure they want to invest in and why.    

As discussed in this 27 September article in The Age, a more transparent process to compare the merits of major hospital infrastructure project bids is needed to create an equitable health system for Victorians and to help our healthcare providers plan for the future.   

Deputy CEO of the VHA Juan Paolo Legaspi said decisions to fund healthcare infrastructure projects should not be political, but based on evidence to address the health needs of Victorians.

‘We want all political parties to commit to a more transparent process to consider major infrastructure bids from public health and community health services, and to establish a public list of funded and unfunded projects as part of an infrastructure roadmap,’ the said.   

‘Our public hospitals and community health services should understand how their bids for expansion or rebuilding are considered, how they compare to others, and where they are in the queue so they can make other decisions about maintaining their services to deliver healthcare.

‘The Australian Government’s Infrastructure Priority List managed by Infrastructure Australia is a good example for Victoria to follow. Victoria could have a similar list of infrastructure needs and projects in various stages of development within the healthcare sector.’  

‘The Infrastructure Priority List aims to provide a clear and transparent process for listing infrastructure needs and proposed, unfunded nationally significant projects to guide governments towards investments that will deliver the best value for communities.

‘We currently have more transparency in the decision-making process about national roads and highways. Now more than ever, Victorians deserve a clear, apolitical process for building public health services to meet their needs.’ 


Advancing your interests in 2022

Victoria’s public health and community health services need investment and support to ensure they are in the best condition to deliver the care that the community deserves.

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