Health sector boards explore governance impact of COVID-19

August 5, 2020

The Victorian Healthcare Association has been hosting a series of leadership roundtables for board members of health services across the state. During these sessions the board members have been exploring key governance issues in response to the current pandemic, and the VHA has shared some of the key insights below.

  • Capability: Recognition for the capability of leadership talent they had working across our system, being impressed in the way in which services and boards had been adept at managing through a crisis and being dynamic and implement rapid change
  • Leadership: Excellence, resilience and flexibility of leaders and preparedness to learn, share and support each other and recognition of collective responsibility
  • Innovation: Obliteration of the lead times, working in an agile environment and proving that health systems can move quickly. For boards to consider how can they ensure they support system to retain and build on this developing capability.
  • Partnerships: board members discussed partnerships, and the value these bring in various forums at local and system level and discussed need to consider the optimal governance model for these in the future
  • Opportunities: Willingness to retain flexible and new ways of working and to reimagine new service models and models of care.

Many of these themes build on the work VHA members are doing with Governance Evaluator.

Board members will continue to gather as the pandemic response continues, with the next virtual event planned for 18 August featuring the Chair of Alfred Health Michael Gorton AM. If you are a board member of a Victorian health service, you can obtain further information or register your interest here. VHA will be hosting a similar session for Community Health Board members in early September.

VHA has also been offering a series of professional development sessions designed for boards and executives to continue building their capability in a virtual context. The complexities and emerging challenges facing the sector continue to highlight the importance of continuous improvement and the value of information exchange and collaboration, including in the board context. To review VHA professional development series information or register please click here.