‘Fast track’ program available for new health board members

June 20, 2022

A ‘fast track’ version of the VHA’s popular Health Board Essentials program will run weekly during October and November 2022 to help get new health board appointments up to speed.

Targeted at new, current and future board members, the program provides participants with a unique insight into the important role that board members play in the health system. Starting on 14 October, six two-hour online modules will address core competencies needed for governance in healthcare, equipping participants with the practical skills and knowledge needed to contribute effectively.

Developed for the sector by the sector, Health Board Essentials is delivered by the VHA in partnership with the Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance. Past participant Dr Zivit Inbar explains that she enrolled in the program specifically in order to assist in her role as a non-executive board member at Rural Northwest Health.

‘I wanted to do the Health Board Essentials course because although I have board experience in other sectors – I was a chair for a not-for-profit and other boards – and I am relatively confident in governance, I don’t come from the health sector,’ Zivit says. ‘This is a very complex sector, hospitals are complex businesses, and there is so much to learn as a board member. In addition, I believe that to be good as a board member, it means to keep learning and improving.

‘Unlike other webinars and courses for board members that I’ve participated in in the past, the course is very specific for health boards and is very, very practical. The facilitators are experienced board members from the health sector and they shared specific tips and advice.’

Within each Health Board Essentials intake, the following modules can be completed individually, to upskill in an area of focus, or as a complete six-part program:

  • The Victorian health system
  • Corporate governance
  • Risk concepts and context
  • Clinical governance
  • Finance fundamentals
  • Partnering with consumers

The program utilises a mixed learning model that provides theoretical information and practical application through activities, case studies, and participant experiences. 

‘Since completing the Health Board Essentials program, I have already used quite a lot of the learnings,’ Zivit adds. ‘There were many insights and advice that we’ve already started implementing in our board, and there are other small or big changes that could make a difference which we’ve discussed at the board and we will look to implement in the future.

‘To anyone considering registering for Health Board Essentials, I just say “Do it!”. I’ve already recommended the course to other directors – not only from our board but from other hospital boards. This course, for me, is not like others in the market – it is focused on practical advice and there is so much to take away from every session.’


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For more information, read our Health Board Essentials brochure:

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