Disability action plans: Learning from lived experience

September 5, 2019

Ian Fulton is a voiceover artist that lives with disability. Ian provided the voiceover component to the VHA video series for the disability action plans and shared with the VHA his views on how healthcare providers can work best with people with disability.

How important is it for people to have a better understanding of disability?

‘I believe it is very important for people to gain a better understanding of disability. Thankfully, in my area of work it’s my ‘disability’ that makes me memorable. By that I mean, that people don’t associate my voice with someone who has dwarfism. So if they like my work, then it’s my appearance that will make them remember me as a point of reference if they can’t remember my name.’

What did you learn from providing the voice to these videos?

‘Education and resources are still needed for people working with people with disabilities and thankfully these videos go some-way to meeting that need.’

What advice do you have for healthcare workers on supporting people with disability in the workplace?

‘Always remember you are dealing with someone, who, just like you is a human being. Whilst they may not express their feelings and emotions in the same ways that you are used to; none the less they still have them. Please always treat them with the same respect you would want to be treated with.’

The VHA has developed a range of resources to support public healthcare services and hospitals to prepare and implement a DAP including posters, videos, a template for use and a provider checklist.

To access the resources click here. To login or create a member portal login, sign up on the portal page. If you experience any issues creating a login contact support@vha.org.au