Consultation: National Medical Workforce Strategy

March 17, 2020

Last month, the VHA represented Victorian public sector health services and community health services at a stakeholder consultation forum in Melbourne aimed at testing and refining the current set of drafted potential solutions for the National Medical Workforce Strategy.

The VHA has also made a written submission to the Department of Health to ensure the proposed solutions benefit and support the needs of health services and community health services across the state and do not result in any unintended consequences, particularly for regional and rural services. The submission is available here.

To increase the reach of the consultation process, the department is also conducting a survey to provide stakeholders the opportunity to identify their preferred potential solutions. The VHA encourages it members to complete the survey to ensure the views of health services and community health services are considered as part of this process. The survey can be accessed  here and will close on 31 March 2020.

The Commonwealth Department of Health, in collaboration with the Medical Workforce Reform Advisory Committee, is developing the National Medical Workforce Strategy to:

  • guide long-term collaborative medical workforce planning activities across all levels of government
  • match the supply of GPs, non GP specialists and consultant physicians to the predicted medical service needs of the community
  • identify achievable, practical actions to build a sustainable, highly-trained medical workforce.

To discuss the submission or the strategy further contact Ali Georgalas, Advisor Health System Reform, on 03 9094 7715 or