Member briefings

The VHA provides briefings for members on key issues and topics that impact the Victorian healthcare sector.

  • 21.01.20

NDIS Act 2013 review

The VHA has summarised the independent review of the NDIS Act 2013, led by David Tune AO PSM, which was commissioned in June 2019 and sought to assess the operation of the legislative framework guiding the NDIS, with a particular focus on removing red tape, improving the participant experience and assisting to implement the Coalition’s pre-election commitment to introduce a Participant Service Guarantee.

  • 28.11.19

Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System: Interim Report

The VHA has prepared a briefing on the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System’s interim report and its vision for transformational change.

  • 01.11.19

Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety interim report summary

The VHA has prepared a summary on the interim report Aged Care in Australia: A shocking tale of neglect, released on 31 October 2019.

  • 01.11.19

Mental Health Productivity Commission draft report

The VHA's summary on the Productivity Commission's draft report of its inquiry into the mental health system.

  • 03.04.19

Commonwealth Budget 2019-20

The VHA provided a briefing in response to the 2019-2020 Commonwealth Budget, ‘Our plan for a stronger economy’. 

  • 10.05.18

Commonwealth Budget 2018-19

The VHA has prepared a summary of the 2018/19 Commonwealth Budget.

  • 01.05.18

Victorian Budget 2018-19

The VHA has analysed the fourth Andrews Government’s budget, ‘Getting things done’ which has delivered a $19.4 billion investment in the Victorian public and community health sector.

  • 11.04.18

Productivity Commission report: Introducing competition & informed user choice into human services

This member briefing summarises the report and its key recommendations. It focuses solely on the programs and services that are most relevant to the VHA’s broader membership.

  • 14.02.18

COAG communique

The 45th meeting of the Council of Australian Governments took place on Friday 9 February, which formally began the negotiation over the post-2020 nationa health funding agreement.

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