Risk Management for Boards

This course will cover key risk concepts and examine how they exist within the Victorian health sector. It will also provide an overview of the requirement to ensure robust monitoring frameworks, and outline policies and procedures to be implemented by the executive team.

Key concepts and topics to be covered are:

  • risk management
  • risk appetite statement
  • risk systems
  • risk governance.

The course will also discuss the elements of effective risk management using data, and how to build a safety culture with a focus on continuous improvement. Participants will explore hazards, prevention, risk mitigation, and the development of a risk framework, including registers, treatment plans and controls. They will also learn how to assess and test the robustness of risk governance systems, gaining an understanding of how they work and to what extent they can provide boards with assurance.

The course will overlay the governance environment with enabling acts and health sector legislation.

For more information contact events@vha.org.au